Austin Artist Talk with Mallory Page: Celebration

Is there any literature that you looked at while you work?

Mallory Page: Easy. The Awakening by Kate Chopin.


Not an Everyday Painter

In a small quiet low-lit studio in New Orleans erupts the large vibrant monochromatic paintings of Mallory Page. Her abstractions convey moments between narrative and feeling. The titles give indications of inside jokes that tie moments to color and form. Multi-layered acrylic washes attribute to the sense of time and space that become inherent to the processes of painting. Page works in a quiet studio, her mind fills the space between the canvases bringing importance to each decision, each color. Page’s world becomes engulfed in that color and in that world she delves into each possibility, each stroke that guides her intuition. A color can be hauntingly beautiful before released onto the canvas, working near its similar tones and shades in order to obtain some totality to the color. With larger canvases Page has the freedom to discover new possibilities in prolific mark making. The title of the series; Celebration derives from the moments associated with the specificity of color mixing; these moments are short and bittersweet as they bring celebration to life. This series plays homage to this feeling of change, a celebration of all that life brings. Mallory Page is an artist to watch, her next move could inspire brilliance.


Keep up with Mallory Pages’ work at Wally Workman Gallery and on her artist website.

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