Austin Art Opening with Elizabeth Chapin: Careful/Uncareful

The work was large and the walls were filled, forcing the viewer to sometimes become uncomfortably close to the work.


Painting with Psyche

Elizabeth Chapin’s work embodies personality through the relationships between her models and their surroundings. Some might say objects define a person; through pattern and color, the objects describe the essence of the models whether they represent the person or an idea, I’m not sure. The title of the show Careful/Uncarful directly represents the decisive and vibrant color placement while some areas fall loose as she captures the basic form to achieve cohesiveness and balance. The paintings are grand and full of life; figures fill the space and take importance. There is so much to learn about a person through the way they are depicted, they become objectified and simplified in order to better understand the representation of today’s society. The life she has built is one that people wish they had, here you can find a walk-through of her house, creating a Pinterest haven for every millennia’s “dream house” board. In my eyes her work directly represents her lifestyle and what people want when they view her work; a vibrant idealization of the aesthetic in middle class culture.


You can find her work represented by the Wally Workman here.

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